Mar 2014
MKS2 TECHNOLOGIES has been awarded a subcontract for US ARMY ATRRS Program in Fairfax, Virginia

MKS2 TECHNOLOGIES has been awarded a subcontract providing IT application, design, programming and software development support to the US ARMY ATRRS Program in Fairfax, Virginia.

ATRRS is the Army’s authoritative source for institutional training management. It affords the Army capability to define and approve overall individual, institutional training requirements; use that as the basis for funding the training base; allocate training seat quotas to the command level; track arrival and completion; and maintain individual training completion histories for Army personnel. Our team of .NET Developers are responsible for building a competency management capability into the ATRRS CHRTAS (Civilian Human Resource Training Application System) module which will result in development of 3-4 specific function sub-modules and enable Army leaders to ultimately determine if the Army is receiving adequate return on investment for the training they are funding and either conducting or contracting for. End state is capability for the Army to be able to demonstrate it is getting the proper “bang for its buck” in terms of the training dollars it is spending. Our team of Help Desk Analysts perform a variety of user-problem analyses and assist with monitoring ATRRS network management systems and ensure a prompt and appropriate response to customer requests.


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