Aug 2015
MKS2 Awarded with Subcontract for VA Crisp RSS

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) established CRISP as an information security program targeted at all VA personnel to progress the Department from a compliance-based culture to a security-conscious culture. In addition to fostering culture change, CRISP is also used to guide our work in establishing information security across the enterprise. It is the framework we use to develop plans, implement activities, and make continuous adjustments to our approach to meet the goal of protecting VA and Veteran information. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) operates one of the world’s largest information technology (IT) infrastructures, supporting over 1,000 user applications on tens of thousands of servers in thousands of server rooms, over thousands of desktops, laptops, medical devices, and mobile devices, and a huge national communications network.

Our team of Tier II, III, and IV analysts are providing a variety of different skills in support of providing remediation vulnerability support, such as Deployment Analyst, System Administrator, Network Administrator, Systems Engineer, Test Engineer, etc duties and responsibilities.


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